Chapter 1: Seasons of Change

Chapter 1: Seasons of Change

Back in my homeland, Australia, Spring is in full swing. The sun grows (even) stronger and the ocean sings its salty siren song. Whispered promises of lazy summer days to come float tantalisingly in the air. The ground bursts into life - that arid, semi-inhabitable land I’m so proud to come from shows its true grit and glory - bringing forth some of the most unique flora on the planet, against all odds and elements.

Across the globe, Autumn in the Pacific Northwest, my adopted home, is another thing completely.  Everything in nature seems gentler somehow - milder temperatures, spiders that aren’t trying so hard to kill you, lush, vast greenery everywhere. Then the leaves change, and the brilliant reds, yellows, and ambers of the trees on the not-so-rare sunny days make walks to work feel like I’m wandering streets of gold. 

I have a long held (albeit anecdotally based) belief, that this time of year, this third-ish quarter, is often the most intense, challenging and full of transition. As though life wants to match the intensity and pace of what’s happening in the natural world. This year it definitely lived up to that expectation. 

Within a month, we launched Voyager’s Table, helped dear friends celebrate a 5th anniversary and sale of their business, then flew to New York for our most intense schedule of the year with eight events over nine days. 

A brief respite by a lake in Canada and I’m back in Seattle with the VT team gearing up for a holiday season full of food, family and celebration. 

At Voyager’s Table, we have a fascination bordering on obsession, with these time-honoured rituals of coming together for food and community; for sustenance, inspiration, rest and sharing stories of journeys travelled. 

The beautiful paradox of these traditions is that they transition in order for them to endure. To last the test of time, they change with the times. 

This perspective is at the heart of what we do at Voyager’s Table: create events that embody the ancient art of feasting, gathering and hospitality in stylish, creative and contemporary ways. 

It feels right then, that for this first chapter of the Voyager’s Journal we celebrate people, places and things with ancient roots that have transitioned and endured, whether it’s something as simple as my grandmother’s precious family recipe for Wonton soup, or showcasing a city experiencing an exciting and creative rebirth into the digital age.    

We hope these ideas and stories encourage, inspire and remind you to keep walking those ancient paths - but in your own, unique way. 

Jade Leong